Miss, in her 40s, and a teacher in a boys’ school, gets up one morning and realises several things. 1. Her relationship with Johnny Depp is not a strong one, being only in her dreams. 2. Agreeing to lecture top-level Oxbridge-destined sixth formers was a bad idea, especially as there is an Expectation Of Powerpoint. 3.You can't give a boy's essay a Z, however bad it is. There will be consequences. How will Miss cope with the threat of the sack and the fear of techno-humiliation, as well as with the vomiting Year 12, the boy who wants to be called Arnold, and the Fruit Gum that gets stuck to her shoe while she’s invigilating? Read Fran Hill’s hilarious novella-length account of one day in a teacher’s life. It’s based on real experience. It’s an insight into the classroom you’ll never forget. And, as Miss stumbles through her day, you’ll feel much better about yourself.

Being Miss - Paperback