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'Cuckoo in the Nest'
Published April 2023
Legend Press
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About the Book

Title : Cuckoo in the Nest

Author: Fran Hill

Genre: Fiction

Formats: Paperback, Kindle

Publisher: Legend Press

Released: 26 April 2023

'Vivid, funny, nostalgic and utterly charming' -

Veronica Henry
'Laugh out loud funny, yet heartbreakingly sad' - Frances Quinn
'Totally evokes a seventies childhood' -

Joanna Nadin

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It's the heatwave summer of 1976 and 14-year-old would-be poet Jackie Chadwick is newly fostered by the Walls. She desperately needs stability, but their insecure, jealous teenage daughter isn't happy about the cuckoo in the nest and sets about ousting her.


When her attempts to do so lead to near-tragedy – and the Walls’ veneer of middle-class respectability begins to crumble – everyone in the household is forced to reassess what really matters. Funny and poignant, Cuckoo in the Nest is inspired by Fran Hill’s own experience of being fostered as a teenager.

Available now, and in audiobook format 1 June 2023. 

About Me:

About Fran Hill: Fran Hill is a 60-year-old self-employed English teacher and writer with two previous books, a memoir and a self-published novella. This is her first full-length work of fiction. She has written extensively for the Times Educational Supplement and lives in Warwickshire with her gardener husband. She has two grandchildren.


Fran was fostered as a teenager and says ‘from my own experience and from years teaching English to vulnerable children, I know how easy it is to make assumptions about 'disadvantaged' teenagers. I wanted, through Jackie’s story, to show the incredible strength of many foster children and what they can contribute to their new family.’

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