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Thank you so much for dropping by. I'm a writer based in Warwickshire and am delighted to meet you. Please have a browse. (Author photos courtesy of Dan Purdue of
Foxlight Photography.) 
My new book, my first full-length novel, is called 'Checking for Snipers'. It's to be published by Legend Press in early 2023. Details here. While you wait (!), my teacher-memoir, 'Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean?' is a funny but poignant account of a typical year in my teaching life in which it's not only the pupils who misbehave ... Why not read this review by award-winning book blogger Linda Hill? 
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I had a super time running a 'Write Funny' workshop for Evesham Festival of Words on 2 July. I forgot to take pictures: one reason I'll never get a job in marketing.

I'm expecting to receive the manuscript of my new novel 'Checking for Snipers' any time soon from the copy editor. Wish me luck as I grapple with semicolons and the right kind of dash.