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Thank you so much for dropping by. I'm an author based in Warwickshire, England, and am delighted to meet you. Please have a browse and do sign up for my newsletter to get entertaining updates! 


If you’re here for my novel ‘Cuckoo in the Nest’ or my memoir 'Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean?', click on the Books tab.  


(Author photos courtesy of Dan Purdue of Foxlight Photography.)  

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What's the latest?

I'm so delighted that Legend Press loved 'Cuckoo in the Nest' and agreed to publish it! 

What are other authors saying?...

'Vivid, funny, nostalgic and utterly charming' -

Veronica Henry
'Laugh out loud funny, yet heartbreakingly sad' -

Frances Quinn
'Totally evokes a seventies childhood' -

Joanna Nadin

'Fresh, authentic and darkly funny. It's a beautifully told story full of warmth and emotion without ever being sentimental - I absolutely loved it' -

Ruth Hogan

PLUS! Adele Parks included it in her top 3 reads in a Daily Mail 'Best Books' article - read about it here!


You can order from all the usual outlets including your local bookshop and it's available in audiobook, too!  

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